About Andrea Filip

Certified ThetaHealing Instructor

Andrea Filip created her life in a way that ever since she was a teenager she contributed to the personal and professional growth of thousands of people.

Founder of the first Romanian Career Development Center, over 10 year ago, she always resonated with the inner most powerful desire of those around her to live an extraordinary life. That is why her personal initiatives and those she supported through her organization were about opening people up so that they see, feel and experience an abundance of options and support to fulfill their potential.

Currently she is a Certified ThetaHealing Instructor, trainer, business owner and happy mummy of a 2 year old wonderful son.

Andrea always felt she is a very lucky person and her life is for her like a “hobby”.

A wise man said there two important moments in life: the first one is the one you are born, the second is when you understand and remeber “WHY”.

Andrea found her “WHY”. And the mission she took upon is to remind people “Who They ARE” and then to be their “LifeGuide” in the life they choose to create from that place of knowing-nes.

With passion, joy of living and lots of love she shares her knowledge and realisations, as well as the techniques that transformed her “Being-ness” and is happy about the extraodinary results of her students, clients and business partners.

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